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We go the extra mile for you, using our passion and dedication in combination with transparency, authenticity, and innovation.

first contact

Beyond the first impression

Standard job postings and polished corporate marketing often are not powerful enough to attract the right talent. We give companies a better way to showcase their uniqueness and go beyond the first impression. We give ambassadors the floor to convey a company’s projects, values, strategy and jobs.

human innvoation

A human-centred approach

We build every recruitment project on the meaningful connection between professionals looking for their next career move, and hiring managers searching for new talent to make their business thrive. We make the human connection, both online and face-to-face.

perfect match

The perfect match

Thousands of talented professionals already discovered (previously) unexplored career paths with us, and employers have hired thousands of talents from around the world. With our expertise and human approach, the perfect match is waiting for you.

We know that changing job is a big step.

We know that changing jobs is a big step. You can rely on us for unique insights about opportunities worldwide. Search for job openings, upcoming recruitment events, upload your resume, and interact directly with companies’ hiring managers on equal footing.

We know that finding the right talent is a big step.

We offer you a new source of talent. Thanks to our unique, innovative solutions to attract perfect candidates, you optimise your recruitment costs and increase the quality of hires. And all it takes is tapping into your best ambassadors: your colleagues.

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