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The Careers International Event was a unique experience that changed 
the way I see my future job at an international level.
I would like to thank the Careers International Team for giving me the opportunity to attend to the Engineering Excellence Event!
D.N. (Romanian Candidate)

The Top Women Event was a brilliant opportunity to meet internationally operating companies and their representatives in a friendly and informal atmosphere.
Also it was a great chance to meet other interesting women from all over Europe and share experiences.

A.L. (German Candidate)

I just wanted to thank you again for the organization of the Top Women Event 2011.
It was a wonderful experience that delivered many insights and opened plenty of new perspectives as well as opportunities.
S.T. (German Candidate)

I want to be the head of a big company and the mother of three
says Lidia with a huge grin. “But that’s impossible”, she adds. The mechanical engineer, who stems from the coastal town of Gandia in Spain is already the envy of her peers for having worked in Denmark as a racing car designer and she is still just 24. Read the full article from our Top Women E-Guide here

The Careers International Event allows you to get to talk to company representatives who really have time for you and are interested in you.
I have been at other non-selective recruiting-events in the past and encountered sometimes that company representatives are less willing to share information and have only a couple minutes for interested candidates. Careers International is really different. It is more personal. In addition, it was great and very easy to get to know many young people from across all Europe, which whom you could share your experience at the event.
H.V. (German candidate)



Thank you very much for the very well organized and smooth-running event in Berlin

that took place during those two consecutive days. The event was a great opportunity to meet representatives of top European companies thus making another step forward towards a common integrating Europe.
K.T. (Bulgarian candidate)

This event is definitely not a traditional job fair.

It is like having face-to-face interviews all over Europe. Thank you for the great opportunity!
R.B. (British candidate)



I had the opportunity to conduct several interviews with companies such as Tupperware, Nestlé, L'Oréal, Cargill, Tchibo, Lidl.... but also to meet & make friends with young business people from all over Europe.

I do also have some follow-up interviews scheduled so let's see how things develop. I must say that on top of the opportunity to have interviews, meet highly qualified people from all over Europe it was extremely usefull to attend Company presentations as well as getting Individual coaching on National & International Career Management & getting very usefull tips about CV writting. In summary this event was very satisfactory and following discussions with my friends who attended as well they all share this view. It was my first Careers International event and I was very pleased to be able to attend. Thanks once again for everything and I will be looking forward to be informed of the other Careers International events organised in the future."

A. J. (Swiss candidate)