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Want Free CV Coaching?

It Takes Seconds to Make an Impact With a CV

Let our experts show you how to make a lasting impression with your CV, so that you get shortlisted.

How it works


Register with your CV for a chance to participate in our coaching session.


We select 40 individuals through a raffle.

The others will still receive an exclusive CV Cheat Sheet with actionable advice and concrete examples.


Coaching Session

If selected, we’ll schedule a personalised video call where we’ll review your CV and set you on the path to success.

What You Get

Constructive feedback
15 mins 1-on-1 coaching session
A chance to develop your unique selling points
This is perfect for:
Harnessing your background, skills, and qualities to their fullest potential
Securing more job interview invitations
Creating an unforgettable first impression on potential employers
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Why Us

At Careers International, ‘IMPACT’ is one of our guiding values.

Through our CV Coaching initiative, we’re committed to making a positive difference in the community by empowering talents in their professional journey, and ensuring that each step they take is purposeful and impactful.

People-centric: We prioritise your individual journey
Vast experience: Thousands and thousands of CVs screened
Insider knowledge: We know what top employers are looking for


What they say about our CV coaching:


They made me aware of how to communicate my strengths in a way that truly stands out. I feel empowered!

Sarah L.

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It was eye-opening! I discovered invaluable tips and insights that I had never encountered before.

Lucas P.

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I now feel equipped with the knowledge to navigate the process with more confidence and awareness.

Emilia R.

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Preview of the Jobinar on interview tips

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Empower Your Professional Journey.

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