Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, we like to say we are the largest and most admired healthcare company that nobody fully knows.

Most recognize us for our baby products, or perhaps Band-Aid or Tylenol. But from the time a person is born, through school years, first jobs, children, and throughout their older years, we are there—enhancing life at every age and stage.

We’re innovating everything from skincare to cancer treatments to medical devices that get you back to living your best and fullest life.
We’re not just creating products that help people feel healthy, confident, and vibrant; we’re supporting communities, raising the bar on public health standards, and enabling a total health ecosystem that is better equipped to care for future generations.

Johnson & Johnson has reimagined health and well-being for more than 130 years. Since our earliest days, when surgeries too often resulted in deadly infections, births put mothers’ and babies’ lives at risk, and workplace and battlefield injuries led to countless unnecessary amputations – we imagined a different future.

We have pioneered world-changing, mind-opening solutions, always putting people first. We have been there as a compassionate partner through wars, epidemics, and the worst conceivable natural disasters… and we’ve stood with the world in the most joyous moments, as new generations are born, as the sick become healed, and those who have lost hope find it once more. We are a company that has been trusted by generations for generations.

Career opportunities

These are just an example of the types of job opportunity the company offers. More information on available positions will be available at the Summit.


From our beginnings, we have always valued and championed diversity and inclusion – more than half of our first J&J employees were women. From the founding of the company to make surgery sterile, to its heritage of disaster relief and supporting patients, employees, and the community through two world wars, pandemics, and times of economic crisis, Johnson & Johnson is built to help in times of great need.

You see, since our earliest days, we’ve always believed we have a much larger role to play in society than just creating healthcare products.

We have a higher sense of calling and responsibility for what we do. An optimism, selflessness, and desire to constantly pursue better.
We like to say we are “Credo based, and purpose-driven.” Our Credo is a more than 75-year-old manifesto created by former chairman Robert Wood Johnson on the heels of the Great Depression, right before Our Company went public.

It has four paragraphs, each with a commitment to one of the stakeholders we serve. It starts with patients, doctors and nurses, mothers, and fathers—then expands through our customers and partners, employees, our communities—both local and global—and finally, our shareholders.

In essence, it is our moral compass, calling us to put people before profit—values before valuation—to do things ethically, safely, and with integrity. Our Credo was behind our decision in the 1980s to pull Tylenol from all store shelves after several packages had been tampered with. And it has continued to guide countless decisions, both big and small. Today, Our Credo remains core to our DNA, deeply ingrained in our people the second they step foot inside our walls. It’s one of the main reasons why we’ve been trusted by generations for generations.

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