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Talent Search

Proactive Sourcing Strategies for Successful Recruitment

Gain access to and hire top talents

How it works

Our Talent Search solutions help organisations like yours gain access to top talents through our unique sourcing and selection methodology. With our expertise in talent acquisition, we help you identify, attract, and select the best candidates for your employment needs.


We initiate contact with candidates using a soft approach to generate applications. We manage all interactions until they formally submit their applications. We may also integrate a Jobinar or webpage to enhance candidate engagement.


Candidates undergo assessment through CV screening, qualification calls, and comprehensive interviews. We calibrate CVs to ensure they closely match your expectations and seamlessly integrate any necessary additional steps into the process.


Presentation of Candidates

We regularly present you with candidates, supporting your decision-making process right up to the point candidates sign their contract.

Why it works

Through our Talent Search, you benefit from a tried-and-tested sourcing and selection method to identify and attract top talents.

From initial sourcing and selection to the moment the candidate signs the employment contract, our team of experts can handle the entire candidate selection process — helping your organisation optimise its recruitment efforts, reduce time-to-fill, and build high-performing teams.

Key features of Talent Search include:

  • Strategic shortlisting: We conduct proactive sourcing and meticulous selection activities, presenting your Hiring Managers with a pre-qualified shortlist of candidates who precisely match your needs
  • Time and resource efficiency: By handling the sourcing, we save your Hiring Managers valuable time, allowing them to focus on evaluating the most promising candidates
  • Focused decision-making: With a curated shortlist, you can make decisions more efficiently, concentrating on the most qualified candidates for final selection
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Be Different in the Eyes of the Candidates

By including a Jobinar on-demand, or a dedicated webpage with jobs and testimonials (as well as your company’s look and feel!), you can really stand out to candidates.

This will allow potential talents to immerse themselves in your company culture, gaining valuable insights into what sets you apart and why they should consider joining your team.
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Talent Search
Success Stories

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Talent Jobinar

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