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Talent Jobinar

Engage with Your Ideal Candidates

Host video-based Q&A sessions to attract top candidates and enhance your talent acquisition strategy.

How it works

Our Talent Jobinars provide a platform for employers to host engaging video Q&A sessions with top talents. By sharing insights about your company culture, career opportunities, and industry trends, you can motivate candidates to apply and streamline your recruitment process.


We source and invite top talents to participate in your Talent Jobinar event, ensuring a targeted audience of highly-qualified candidates.



During your Talent Jobinar, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and engage with candidates through a live Q&A session, showcasing your employer brand.


Receive access to a comprehensive online CV book containing all candidates screened and selected by our recruiters. A valuable resource for your follow-up conversations.

Why it works

Talent Jobinars offer a unique opportunity for employers to engage with candidates in an online setting, providing valuable insights and meaningful connections before lining up formal interviews.

By hosting interactive sessions and leaning on the support of our talent acquisition experts, you can more easily inspire candidates to apply for the roles you need filled — streamlining your talent pipeline.

Especially designed for talent acquisition, some key features of our Talent Jobinars include:

  • Proactive sourcing & selection 
  • Web page with your employer branding
  • Restricted access options  
  • CV upload
  • Strict confidentiality for candidates (GDPR compliant) 
  • Video chaptering (for comprehensive Q&A exploration during replays)
  • Moderation of questions
  • Replay available for future campaigns
  • Data analytics from your event & follow-up
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A ‘Switched-On’ Approach to Talent Engagement

Led by our talent acquisition experts, our dynamic Jobinar events are transforming hiring strategies with personalised and authentic interactions.

Talent Jobinars offer a fresh and forward-thinking approach to talent engagement.

Establishing your position as an employer of choice within your target audience
Promoting collaboration between Hiring Managers and HR teams
Enhancing the candidate experience through authentic video-based interactions
Giving you access to extensive ‘people-first’ hiring expertise and supporting your HR teams from the start of the recruitment process
Diversifying your talent pool by drawing in candidates you may not ordinarily reach
Hiring in a streamlined and more cost-efficient way
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Talent Jobinar
Success Stories

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