Talent sourcing
Fill your talent gap

It takes a lot of time and effort to source, attract and recruit first-class talents, especially when it comes to niche profiles, large numbers or less known employers.

We develop tailor-made solutions to support you throughout your recruitment process. Whether you need help to source and attract high potentials, to engage with the most promising candidates, to screen CVs and interview candidates or to take care of logistics for your recruitment days, we are at your disposal to fill the gap.

Ideal to

Move your recruitment processes into a higher gear, whether you are looking for hard-to-attract profiles or high-volume recruitment.


What we do for you

We identify and contact relevant candidates to generate applications for your vacancies. Through us, you have access to academic institutions, professional networks and third-party databases.

We call the candidates to check their motivation for the job, mobility options and salary expectations.

Based on in-depth interviews, we provide you with written reports and recommendations as to whether to continue with the candidates, or not.

We record video interviews with relevant questions to seamlessly handover the best preselected talents to your own internal recruitment process.

The CI approach

Over the last 15 years, we fine-tuned a unique approach to talent sourcing.


A dedicated team

a project manager, together with recruitment consultants, dedicate the needed time to your recruitment.


Only motivated candidates

our approach maximises the chances of finding truly motivated candidates applying for your job.



we create a respectful, personal touch with the candidates, making their and your needs meet.


Agile & flexible

we adapt our solutions to your project, and readjust according to the progress made, to make sure we meet your expectations.


Know-how and ‘know-where

we know where to find suitable candidates and how to raise their interest in the position you offer.

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