Talent search
Fill your talent gap

It takes expertise, time and effort to reach the final round with the right talent.

With Talent search, we do all it takes to bring to you the candidates you want to hire. Our unique approach enables reaching out to candidates who would not necessarily respond to conventional approaches, whether active or passive jobseekers. Our tailor-made solutions support you throughout your recruitment process from A to Z, or at whatever stage you need us, globally or locally.

Ideal to

Immediate hiring, hard-sought profiles, gender diversity.


What we do for you

We present you with the candidates who have been carefully sourced and selected.

An experienced Project Manager coordinates your talent search from A to Z, acting as your sole point of contact for your team.

Our Recruitment Consultants create strong one-on-one relationships with candidates through personalised contact. They introduce your company and the job, engaging the candidates and answering their questions. To support the talent search, we use a web page as a meeting point with the candidates, where you can optionally hold an on-demand jobinar (pre-recorded Q&A session).

We qualify candidates, allowing you to spend your time in the most efficient way. We support you the way you need us to.

We present you with the candidates. We adapt to your process to integrate the candidates into your recruitment flow in the most effective way. We support you in organising the next rounds, all tailored to your specific needs.

The CI approach

Over the last 15 years, we have fine-tuned a unique approach to talent:


A committed team

a Project Manager, together with Recruitment Consultants, dedicated to your project.


Motivated candidates

our approach generates curiosity and interest in your company and positions. This contributes to increased motivation to apply for a job.


Agile & flexible

we adapt to your project to make sure we meet your expectations.



we create a respectful, personal touch with the candidates to ensure their journey is as good as the one with our clients.


Know-how and ‘know-where

we know where to find suitable candidates and how to pique their interest in the positions on offer.

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