Talent pipeline
The right talent at the right time

Building and managing your own talent pool is complex, time-consuming and expensive. And there is no guarantee that colleagues commit to their job for a long time.

With talent pipelines you develop a continuous pool of suited talents to match your specific needs. When you start your succession management earlier, you increase the quality of hires while reducing the cost and time spent per hire.


What we do for you

Together, we develop a detailed description of the recurrent profiles you need, to be included in the talent pipeline. We agree on key performance indicators (number of relevant registered candidates – number of hires).

We activate our professional networks, databases and third-party channels to attract suitable profiles. Once a vacancy arises, we will proceed to a more targeted call for interest amongst the pool of candidates.

To ensure the quality of the pipeline, we screen the CV of all registered candidates. We contact each talent to find out their reasons for being part of the recruitment process and their potential for the job.

We help to keep your talent pipeline ‘flowing’ by engaging with pipeline candidates through jobinars (online live interaction with candidates) at least twice a year.

Increase your hiring success

The talent pipeline gives you more time to consider ideal candidates. Having a longer-term contact with potential recruits also reduces the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates.

With a talent pipeline, you can also activate ‘passive jobseekers’. Whenever you have a vacancy, a number of experienced talents in your pool consider a career change. This makes your recruiting strategy future-proof.

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