Talent jobinar
Engage with & hire the talent you need

Standard job postings and corporate marketing do not automatically attract the right candidates. Applicants have tons of questions before they would even consider applying, but no one to turn to and ask. The right candidate might not be an active jobseeker and require more engagement efforts.

Talent jobinar is a recruitment solution to reach out to your target groups. It combines targeted sourcing, video Q&A and candidates to follow-up with.

  • Sourcing: we search candidates according to your specifications
  • Engagement: a live jobinar for you to introduce your company and answer candidates’ questions
  • Selection: a pool of relevant candidates to integrate in your recruitment process

Ideal to
Filling vacancies, hard-to-find & critical skills profiles, gender diversity, Graduate & Future Leader programmes, talent pipelines, employer branding


What we do for you

We place you in front of a targeted pool of candidates.

An experienced Project Manager leads and coordinates your Talent jobinar from A to Z, acting as your sole point of contact, in close collaboration with your team.

Our Recruitment Consultants create strong one-on-one relationships with candidates through personalised contacts. They introduce your company and the job, engaging with candidates and answering their questions.


You engage with your candidates in a unique way:

  • a video Q&A session between the candidates and your team
  • a dedicated web-page, branded with your company’s look & feel
  • an automatically chaptered replay, available for 12 months
  • an Engagement Index to gauge your audience’s interest-levels

We qualify candidates and give you access to a CV book, so that you can follow-up in the most efficient way.

See how it works

Why a Talent jobinar?

Create a sense of proximity and authenticity with targeted candidates, giving them the opportunity to discover your company, your teams and job opportunities. Attract candidates who do not apply through traditional job postings

Bring a human dimension in your recruitment process by giving candidates a chance to engage directly with your teams

Become an employer of choice among candidates who would not have spontaneously applied for you otherwise: +35% on average in brand awareness and attractiveness

Experience a unique collaboration between HR and Line Management teams

Generate significant content and use it for further recruitment initiatives

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