Recruitment day
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Are you wondering how you can make your recruitment process more efficient?

What works well is to organise a recruitment day (or two) in a convenient location with up to 15 preselected candidates. This gives your recruitment consultants and line managers the opportunity to go in depth with potential candidates. You have ample time to assess their competences and do debriefing session at the end. No better way to decide which candidates should receive a job offer.

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What we do for you

We identify and contact candidates to generate applications. We manage all contacts until they apply.

  • Our recruiters create strong one-on-one relationships with candidates through personalised contacts
  • Channels: CI’s database, LinkedIn, Xing, job postings, corporate directories, Top Tier Universities, Business Schools, Alumni associations, professional networks, PhD clubs, etc…)

We qualify candidates through CVs screening, qualification calls & interviews. We present short-listed candidates for you to retain the ones we invite to your assessment phase (final round)

We oversee candidate management in preparation for the assessment from consulting on the design of the assessment to logistics.

Why a Recruitment day?

  • Make your recruitment process more efficient by meeting candidates and making offers in one day
  • Turn-key solutions: candidate attraction, strict selection and assessment day logistics by CI
  • Recruiting several candidates with a similar profile in one go

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