We bring you candidates willing to discover your company and career opportunities.

Your HR and Line managers are in a position to motivate them to apply.

Informal or formal setting – based on proactive sourcing and pre-selection.
Your benefits

  • Stand out as an employer of choice
  • Increase your pipeline with candidates you wouldn’t necessarily attract

Ideal for employer branding


What we do for you

We introduce your company, engage with candidates and answer their questions. Our recruiters create strong one-on-one relationships with candidates through personalised contacts.

We qualify candidates through CV screening and present the short-listed ones for review. You decide who you want to meet and we invite them to the afterwork.

We provide a relaxed environment for face-to-face interactions between your team and selected candidates.

  • Group presentation
  • Informal talks
  • Finger food & drinks

Why an Afterwork?

  • You go where the talent you need is
  • Turn-key solutions: candidate attraction, preselection and event logistics by CI
  • Meet preselected candidates in one place and make a difference
  • Organised anytime and anywhere

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