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talent acquisition

Things made easy for you

We are a talent acquisition company that believes in the transformative power of a human journey.
We bridge the gap between exceptional talents and forwardthinking organisations, through personalised & innovative engagement experiences.

  • The best candidates expect the best experiences
  • Creating impact and authentic engagement is most important
  • Event-driven engagement is the most efficient way to attract and motivate candidates to apply
  • We take the time to understand your challenges
  • We design bespoke recruitment solutions based on your needs
  • We deliver results powered by the best candidate journey

Solutions that candidates love!

We identify the best talents, generate interest in your company & positions, and motivate them to apply.

Why working with us

  • 50+ dedicated professionals & a network of freelance recruiters
  • Based in Brussels (HQ) and many other countries
  • Multicultural, speaking 20+ languages, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit
  • We are flexible & focused on:
    • client needs & processes
    • candidate journey optimisation
    • results
  • Hiring hard-to-attract profiles
  • Strengthening employer brands among specific target groups
  • Managing complex or volume recruitment projects
  • Gender diversity
  • Graduate recruitment
  • Training of hiring managers

The scope

  • Recruitment from 1 to 50 hires
  • Employer branding

The geographies we cover

  • The world
  • We run international, multi-local or local projects

The target groups we know well:

  • Hard to attract professionals with up to 10 years XP
  • Final year university students
  • Multilingual, multicultural, highly skilled team
  • Capacity to manage volume-based & complex projects
  • Network of 75,000 hard-to-attract candidates
  • Q&A online platform
  • Integrated suite of project management tools
  • Expertise on what talent want to know before applying
  • Blue-chip companies with strong employer brands
  • Blue-chip companies which are hidden champions
  • Start ups and SMEs with an international presence

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies & other global players

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Check out our resources for employers
We transformed our talent acquisition experience into hands-on resources for your recruitment needs.