At Careers International our aim is to help companies attract, select and hire the best talent from anywhere in the world. 

We source the right candidates for your business and encourage them to apply to your roles. We do this by using our unique marketing tools which pinpoint the highest calibre people. In other words, we facilitate your recruitment process while reinforcing your employer brand. 

In 2013, we realised the recruitment market had gone through an irreversible transformation, hence the urgency to provide innovative new methods to hire top quality candidates. 

In addition to our well-established services, we created OneDayWith – an award winning methodology that completely changes the way employers attract, interact and recruit the talent they need. Anywhere in the world.

OneDayWith won the 2015 European Excellence Awards for Employer Branding and Recruitment! 


We know that talented professionals are incredibly frustrated by how impersonal the hiring processes are. This makes it very hard for them to feel suitably attracted to the right companies.  

Imagine a world where they enjoy your recruiting process because it offers something unique: a more personalised experience! 

With OneDayWith you create a totally different user experience as it will humanise the access to your company and help you hire top talent where traditional recruitment has failed to do so.  

Welcome to the world of Careers International!

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Recruitment Project Outsourcing

Our RPO (Recruitment Project Outsourced) solution allows companies to outsource a recruitment project from A to Z, from attracting talent to organising assessment centres or face-to-face interviews. This tailor-made service allows your HR department to outsource the first steps of the recruitment process; relying on our expertise in assessing candidates and our logistic skills while letting your teams focus on face-to-face selection. This ‘à la carte’ service includes CV screening, telephone interview, online testing and event logistics.


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  • Dear Employer...

    The job market is going through a revolution: internet and social media in particular have completely changed the way companies must interact with the talent they desperately need to hire.

    Jobseekers today are tired of traditional corporate marketing projecting a sanitised image of potential employers. They expect transparency, insight and meaningful interaction. We are very excited to be in the middle of this revolution and work hard to bring the most innovative solutions on the market to satisfy both jobseekers and employers.

    Stéphane Wajskop
    Managing Director - Careers International 

  • Our Awards

    European Excellence Award 2015

    Innovative Recruiting Award 2014