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The right
talents for
your needs

Let’s make things easier for you

You can count on us to find first-class talent, locally or internationally. Trust us with your challenges regarding difficult profiles, gender diversity, employer branding, passive talent activation and the digitalisation of your recruitment process.

Our recruitment consultants all over the world personally contact relevant candidates for your positions, presenting your company, answering their questions and encouraging them to apply.

Engagement is at the core of our services. The recruitment of your future colleagues starts with personalised, meaningful interaction.

We provide you with a tailor-made shortlist of the most suitable candidates, preselected through meticulous CV screening, personal phone or video interviews and meaningful online tests.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Targeted sourcing is central to our solutions. We help you attract, select and hire the talents you need. We adapt to your internal processes and to the profiles you are looking for in the short or medium term.

A special mix to serve your hiring needs

Whether you are a blue-chip company or a ‘hidden champion’ waiting to be discovered, we help you find the right calibre of people in any geographic area.

Often, the best talent is not actively looking for a job. With our human-centred approach, we proactively generate interest in your jobs and accompany high potentials through every stage of the recruitment process.

We use a variety of digital tools to connect you with the best talents. Thanks to digitalisation, our recruitment solutions are easily scalable from one to many hires.

We are recognised as a top recruiter providing an effective answer to your gender diversity challenges across the world.

To strengthen our commitment to diversity, since 2017, we are running Top Women Tech, a unique international networking and recruitment event dedicated to women and tech.

We know that when it comes to attracting and selecting for hard-to-fill profiles it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve. We provide a fresh approach to find very specific profiles for your niche or in tough hiring markets.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies & other global players

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