yOuR pArTnEr In ThE wAr FoR tAlEnT

onedaywith Online Events

Onedaywith is a service that reinvents talent acquisition by combining targeted sourcing and content-rich online events. Having recently reached the milestone of 200 completed projects, the service has gained international acclaim and won many awards for both its cost effective approach to recruitment as well as its unparalleled success in talent engagement.

In a recruitment world based on technology and corporate marketing, it is important for companies to stand out. Onedaywith will humanise your recruitment process by offering passive jobseekers the opportunity to learn from and interact with your teams, opening their eyes to ‘unexplored career opportunities’.


Whatever the challenge you face in employer branding or recruitment, we will build a solution that supports you at any or every stage of your recruitment projects.

Whether you look for a talent mapping for specific profiles, help in sourcing and attraction, smart interaction with the best candidates, resources to screen CVs and interview candidates or logistical support to organise recruitment days, Careers International will fill the gap where you need it most.

Afterwork Career Events

After Work Career Events bring together your recruiters and up to 40 preselected individuals in the European city where you are most likely to find the talent you are looking for.

You meet with shortlisted professionals in a relaxed atmosphere in the early evening, identify the best and convince them to join your organisation.


A face-to-face international recruitment event, brings together 15  blue-chip companies and strictly pre-selected female candidates with a STEM profile (sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics) or business background and a strong affinity with IT.

Our aim is to help companies attract, select and hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.

We source the right candidates for your business and encourage them to apply to your roles. We do this by using our unique marketing tools which pinpoint the highest calibre people. In other words, we facilitate your recruitment process while reinforcing your employer brand.

In 2013, we realised the recruitment market had gone through an irreversible transformation, hence the urgency to provide innovative new methods to hire top quality candidates.

In addition to our well-established services, we created onedaywith – an award winning methodology that completely changes the way employers attract, interact and recruit the talent they need. Anywhere in the world.

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